Supporting the local and community roll-out of superfast broadband

1. Introduction

We are looking to build upon the success of GoDigital Newcastle programme to ensure as a city we remain at the forefront of digital connectivity, providing our residents and businesses with fast and affordable technology partnered with the right support that enables inclusive social and economic growth.

Since 2014, the GoDigital Newcastle programme has coordinated the delivery of superfast broadband coverage of 98.6% across the City and 99.8% within our Intervention Area (excluding Urban Core). Despite these successes, we know there is still more to do.  

We are working hard with Central Government and partners to access further investment funds to improve connectivity and access, especially within the urban core and on new housing developments. We want to do this creatively, and use new technologies to help meet current and future demands.

2. Geographical Scope

The local authority boundary of the city of Newcastle upon Tyne is shown here, with associated postcodes and premises count available to download via Ordnance Survey online.

3. Purpose of this Open Market Review (OMR)

We undertook our last OMR in 2013. This OMR is intended to help inform future improvement and investment in connectivity across the geographical scope. The results of the OMR will assist us with understanding the current connectivity infrastructure now in place and areas for potential future investment.   

4. Your response required

Using the postcode data for the geographical area outlined in section 2, please provide details (preferably in Excel format) and supporting evidence of any current or planned investment in broadband infrastructure in Newcastle upon Tyne on a postcode/premises basis, including: 

  • Exact detail of premises passed or covered, i.e. postcodes including information on the number of premises passed (in the case of a fixed network) or covered and able to receive services (in the case of a wireless/satellite network);
  • Details of the technology
  • Description of the services / products currently offered and separately those to be offered within the next 3 years;
  • Installation and rental tariffs for those services / products clearly identifying whether they are inclusive or exclusive of VAT;
  • Upload and download speeds typically experienced by end users;
  • Appropriate indicators of quality of the service e.g. contention ratio or bandwidth allocation per end user;

Please also provide by email:

  • Detailed maps for broadband showing the existing coverage and separately maps detailing the planned investment for at least the next three years;
  • Details and timing of roll-out for future investment
  • Confirmation from an authorised signatory that all information provided is of suitable accuracy.

We are sending this OMR to all recognised broadband infrastructure and internet providers in our area. 

We require responses by 12pm Friday 14 July 2017. When responding, we would be grateful if you could confirm your organisation's name and address, as well as the name, position and contact details of the person responding on behalf of the organisation.

Please email your responses to

Please note that the data you provide in your response will be treated as commercially confidential to Newcastle City Council [1], albeit that it may be necessary to share/some all of your response data with any professional advisors and / or DCMS / BDUK, Ofcom, BIS State Aid Branch and the European Commission in the course of seeking State aid approval for any future infrastructure investment projects.

It should also be noted that it is a state aid requirement to utilise this information to produce State aid maps to define white, grey and black areas for broadband provision. 

These maps will be published as part of any future Public Consultation process and used to define potential intervention areas. However, please note that these published maps will be assimilated utilising data from all relevant operators and will not be directly attributed to a single source.

If you have any questions about any of the above, please contact

[1] We are also subject to legal obligations to disclose information in certain limited circumstances.

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19 June 2017
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