European funding in Newcastle came from three different sources:

  • European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), as part of the North East Programme 2007-2013, supported the growth of a modern, innovative and sustainable economy. It aimed to strengthen the entrepreneurial culture, grow the business base and exploit the science, new and renewable energy technology and innovation potential across the city and the region.
  • European Social Fund (ESF) aimed to help people fulfil their potential by giving them better skills and better job prospects.
  • European Transnational Programmes supported European Co-operation in a range of fields such as sustainability including energy efficiency and sustainable transport, knowledge economy and SME competitiveness and performance, Innovation, Social Exclusion, Lifelong Learning and Culture.
  • Both ERDF and ESF formed part of the EU's Structural funds which sought to reduce differences in prosperity across the EU and enhance economic and social cohesion.

How do we use European Funding in Newcastle?How do we use European Funding in Newcastle?

In Newcastle public, private, voluntary and community groups use European funding to co-fund different types of capital and revenue projects:

  • supporting innovation and technology-led sectors related to NEwcastle Science City and strategic sites,
  • cultivating an enterprise culture and enhancing the competitiveness and growth of existing SMEs across the city including its disadvantaged areas,
  • improving the city's environment and sustainability in the field of sustainable transport and energy efficiency.


Examples of Europe-funded projects

North East of England ERDF Programme 2007 to 2013

Newcastle City Council Projects

Newcastle Enterprise Package
Enterprising Newcastle
Newcastle Science City Community Engagement
Toffee Factory
Newcastle City Council Technical Assistance
The Core (Science Central)
North Bank of the Tyne
Super Connected Newcastle: Go Digital Business Support
Business & Intellectual Property Centre

Other projects in Newcastle

The Beacon (Centre West and Groundwork)

More information about the above projects can be found by clicking here.

Information about all other ERDF projects in the North East of England can be found by visiting the website.

2007-2013 European Funding in Newcastle

ESF Programme 2007 to 2013

Youth Participation

 2007-2013 European Funding in Newcastle

European Transnational Programmes 2007 to 2013

C-Liege, Intelligent Energy Europe
i-scope, Competitiveness and Innovation Programme, ICT
COM-IN, Progress
Creative Cities Challenge, Interreg North Sea
Warm Up North

For ERDF and previous European funded programmes, please contact:

Claire Prospert - phone 0191 211 5693, email:

Asia Lompart-Chlasciak - phone 0191 211 5672, email:

Tim Cook - phone 0191 277 8924, email:

For ESF, please contact:

Kerry Corbett - phone 0191 277 7805, email:

For European Transnational Programmes, please contact:

Angela Hamilton - phone 0191 211 5019, email:

For more information on international projects visit the International Newcastle website.

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18 June 2018
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