This information can help you find some of the benefits you may be entitled to depending on your circumstances,calculate your own benefit deal with benefit problems and avoid getting into benefit trouble.

Benefit rates

Current benefit and tax credits rates for 2018/2019 (pdf 73kb) by Lasa
Next year's proposed benefit rates for 2019/2020 by DRUK
Last year's benefit and tax credit rates for 2017/2018 (pdf  269kb) by Lasa


What benefits can I receive in these situations? 


You may be entitled to...

Caring for someone

You may be entitled to...

Carer's Allowance

See also Financial Support on Carersuk website

Responsible for a child

You may be entitled to...


You may be entitled to...

Incapable of work

You may be entitled to...

Managing on a low income

You may be entitled to...

See also working below

Struggling to pay housing costs (rent or mortgage)

You may be entitled to...

An older person - of pension age

You may be entitled to...


You may be entitled to...

Unemployed and looking for work

You may be entitled to...

Urgent financial needs

As well as the above weekly benefits, the DWP and jobcentre also provide single payments in certain situations, for example:

  • Budgeting loans, funeral and maternity grants from the Social Fund by the DWP. 
  • Repayable 'short term benefit advances' for those waiting for a benefit payment and in financial need.
  • Under Universal Credit 'budgeting advances' replace budgeting loans and 'advance payments' replace short term benefit advances. 

For more information about help with urgent or one-off needs by the Council, charities and others, see our page  Managing your money

Online benefit calculators

Visit our page that describes the online benefits calculators and at a glance guides to get an estimate of the benefits, including Universal Credit, tax credits or pension that you may be able to claim.

OtherWhat other help you may be entitled to

You may be entitled to help with health care costs such as prescriptions, dental care and eye tests. You can find out more on NHS Choices.

If you have mobility or accessibility issues you may be able to get your home adapted. Find out about home adaptations.

If you are disabled you may be able to apply for a blue badge. Apply for a blue badge.

How will the changes to the benefits system affect me

The government is implementing some major national changes to the benefits system. The changes will affect those who are claiming benefits for children, older people, unemployment, income support, housing, council tax help, or disabilities and ill health. Find out more about the benefit changes.

Dealing with and avoiding benefit problems

Self help factsheets and guides:

See also ourIntroduction to Benefits and Tax November 2018 (pdf, 839kb)

What benefits can I get whilst in work?

If you are working, there are different benefits and other help you may be entitled to. For more details download the benefits in work sheet September 2018 (pdf, 268kb)

How can I avoid a benefit sanction?

Your Universal Credit, Jobseekers Allowance, Employment and Support Allowance or Income Support may be cut if you do not comply with work related requirements for those benefits. See our joint leaflet: benefit sanctions and how to avoid them October 2018 (pdf, 399kb) by Newcastle City Council and Jobcentre Plus

Also see the Government factsheet: Jobseeker's allowance sanctions: how to keep your benefit payment and their web site: Universal Credit toolkit for partners

Where can I go for further advice?

Visit the page: Benefit advice services in Newcastle and benefit offices

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8 January 2019
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