When your council tax bill was calculated it was based on your circumstances at the time, for example, the number of people in the property, or if you were receiving benefit based on your income etc.
If anything changes, including if you move house, the amount you pay may change and we have to send you a new bill.

This new charge will happen from the day your circumstances changed, not the start of the next billing year.

If you are the person whose name is on the bill, you are legally required to tell us of any changes you think may affect your Council Tax bill within 21 days, or as soon as possible.

Any delay in telling us could lead to difficulty, for example:

  • If your bill goes up and you don't tell us straight away, you might find it hard to pay any backdated council tax you owe us when it is finally worked out.
  • If your bill should be reduced, because, for example, your income has dropped, you might have problems paying the same amount as before.
  • If you receive Council Tax Reduction, any delay could mean your repayments will increase. This could also cause you problems as you will have to pay back any overdue council tax at a time when your council tax may have gone up. You may be entitled to help if your income has gone down and, because you haven't told us straight away, you could have to wait for your backdated payment when you need it most.
  • You may be issued with a penalty charge for not informing us within the statutory 21 days, or as soon as reasonably possible.

If you need to report a change in circumstances please contact us.

Page last updated: 
24 February 2014
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