The Census provides a snapshot of conditions at a point in time. It is carried out every ten years, with the most recent being taken on 29 April 2001. The Census is conducted on a residential basis, and the statistics relate to where people usually live, rather than where they were on Census day. Students studying away from home during the term were counted at their term-time address.

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) has presented Key Statistics for every local authority within England and Wales. Information provided for Newcastle is compared with the rest of England and Wales. We have also included data at Ward level which is compared with the City as a whole. To produce profiles for the new wards we have grouped together output areas and parts of output areas. Less data is available by output area than the standard ward tables. We have produced socio-economic and demographic profiles based on the output area data.

Citywide Information
The information has been arranged by the following key themes:

Individual Ward Information

The Census is administered and collated by the Office for National Statistics (O.N.S.) in England and Wales. Full details of the 2001 Census can be found on their website. All of the information from the 2001 Census is Crown Copyright.

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