34. Mainstream home to school travel
Reduce entitlement to free home to school transport in line with minimum statutory requirements with some protection for low income families, including protecting children already attending schools who meet the low income criteria but would potentially not qualify on grounds of nearest school, until they finish school.

Pre consultation (pdf, 110Kb) Post consultation (pdf, 161Kb) Revised January 2014 (pdf, 155Kb) Revised February 2014 (pdf, 410Kb)

35. School Improvement (Attendance)
Reduce support for school attendance to statutory enforcement, child employment licensing and targeting attendance support at families with the greatest identified need.

Pre consultation (pdf, 125Kb) Post consultation (pdf, 136Kb) Revised January 2014 (pdf, 132Kb) Revised February 2014 (pdf, 290Kb)

36. School Improvement (Employability and Skills - Connexions)
Revise vulnerability criteria to target those young people who are not engaged in education or training or at greatest risk.

Pre consultation (pdf, 113Kb) Post consultation (pdf, 92Kb)

37. School Improvement (Educational Pschology)
Reduce council funded educational psychology support to Newcastle schools, and increase targeting of remaining resources at statutory assessment and greatest need.

Pre consultation (pdf, 131Kb) Post consultation (pdf, 105Kb) Revised January 2014 (pdf, 166Kb) Revised February 2014 (pdf, 351Kb)

38. School Improvement (School Trusts and Strategic Manangement)
Further develop the School and Learning Trust model, including the role of school-led Trusts as potential future commissioners and providers of services. Reduce central cost of externally brokered support and funding for schools facing significant challenge.

Pre consultation (pdf, 98Kb) Post consultation (pdf, 110Kb) Revised January 2014 (pdf, 102Kb) Revised February 2014 (pdf, 257Kb)

39. School Improvement (External Bodies)
Reduce funding to external bodies who currently support the work of school improvement in relation to employability and skills.

Pre consultation (pdf, 113Kb) Post consultation (pdf, 108Kb)

40. SEN home to school transport
Reduce entitlement to free home to school transport in line with minimum statutory requirements. Develop the use of personal travel budgets (payments to parents) as the preferred option for pupils who are entitled to support with transport between home and school because of their special educational needs. Reduce or remove access to discretionary free travel.

Pre consultation (pdf, 138Kb) Post consultation (pdf, 151Kb) Revised January 2014 (pdf, 146Kb) Revised February 2014 (pdf, 341Kb)
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