Organised firework displays in Newcastle upon Tyne November 2013

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Play it safe

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Organised displays

Elswick Park

Tuesday 5th November

7pm. Spectator area opens at 5pm.

East End Fireworks Display, Walker Park

Tuesday 5th November

Event opens 5pm with firework display at 7pm.

Ouseburn Community Fireworks, City Stadium

Tuesday 5th November

Firework display 6.30pm.

Festival of Lights, Hodgkin Park South

Friday 1st November

7pm Firework display, 6pm start.

Gosforth Round Table, Broadway West Playing Fields

Saturday 2nd November

7pm firework display event opens 6.15pm.

Tickets available on the gate: £4 adult, £2 child (under 5s free).

Proceeds to local charities.

Jesmond Fireworks, Cricket Club, Osborne Avenue

Sunday 3rd November

Firework display 7pm, event opens 5pm.

Tickets: adults £4 (£6 on the night) children £2 (£3 on the night). Under 2s free.


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