Are you an adult looking after an adult?

A carer is someone who provides unpaid care and support to another person.  This may be a spouse, partner, family member, friend or neighbour. This includes people who receive Carer’s Allowance.   The cared for person may have difficulties arising from illness, disability, mental health difficulties, or drug and alcohol related problems.  

You may not see yourself as a carer, but if the description above applies to you, you probably are one.

Support for Carers

Newcastle has a range of different services to provide help, advice and support to carers.  You can approach these organisations directly without the need for an assessment from the council:
Newcastle Carers provides dedicated support, information and signposting to adult carers aged 18 or over who live in Newcastle, or care for someone living in Newcastle. Phone: 0191 2755060
PROPS North East provides advice, information, support and training to carers of people with drug and/or alcohol problems. Phone: 0191 2263440.

Newcastle Welfare Rights Service

For advice on benefits phone:  0191 2772627 – available Monday to Friday 9.30am -12 noon.

For advice on debt, phone: 0191 2771050 – available Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 9.30am – 11.30am.

Carers UK gives carers expert advice, information and support.  Phone: 0808 808 7777.

Carers Direct (NHS) can provide advice if you need help with your caring role and want to talk to someone about what options are available to you.  Phone: 0300 123 1053.

Carer’s assessment

You are entitled to a carer’s assessment from the council if you provide necessary unpaid care to someone aged 18 or over who lives in Newcastle. The assessment is an opportunity for you to explain what your caring role is and what impact this has on you.  From April 2015, if we decide that your needs meet the eligibility threshold you will be entitled to support from the council.

If we assess the person you care for, we will usually assess your needs as a carer, as part of a combined assessment with the person you care for. You can also approach us and ask for a separate assessment – this is normally for circumstances where the person you care for does not want an assessment; in most cases though we have found that a combined assessment works well.

The Carer’s Assessment focuses on your needs and covers a number of areas such as:

  • the impact caring has on you
  • whether you are able to do the things you want to or have to do in an average day
  • what you would do in an emergency
  • whether you feel you are able to continue in your continue role, and what support you might need to do so.

There is no difference to the kinds or amount of support we offer to carers with eligible needs following a combined assessment or a separate assessment.

Eligibility for Support

The carer’s assessment will apply the national eligibility test set out by the government, as follows

  • The carer’s physical or mental health is, or is at risk of deteriorating;
  • The carer is unable to achieve any of the following outcomes-
  • To carry out some or all of the basic household activities in the carer’s home; (whether or not this is also the home of the adult needing care).  This would include household activities a carer carries out as a part of normal life such as preparing meals, and cleaning and maintenance of their home;
  • To carry out any caring responsibilities the carer has for a child;To provide carer to other persons for whom the carer provides care;
  • To maintain family or other significant personal relationships;
  • To engage in work, training, education or volunteering;
  • To make use of necessary facilities or services in the local community; or
  • To engage in recreational activities
  • To ask for a Carers Assessment, call the Community Health and Social Care Direct Team on 0191 2788377

Planning for emergencies

Newcastle City Council works in partnership with the British Red Cross to provide the Carers Emergency Contact Scheme.

The scheme offers a rapid response 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including Bank Holidays, to a person whose carer suddenly becomes unable to offer care in the usual way. This could be because of a personal crisis such as a sudden illness, accident or other emergency.

You may already have a plan, for example with a relative or with a neighbour.  This scheme is about making sure that a plan is written down and kept safely.

For more information phone 0191 273 7961, 07525617517 or email Red Cross

Page last updated: 
19 May 2015
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