William Walker (1839-1903)The Register Office holds registers for births, deaths and marriages in our area, Newcastle upon Tyne, from 1837 to the present day. 

Staff Search
If you do not know an exact date and place of an event that took place in Newcastle upon Tyne, our staff can search a maximum of 5 years' records. Write to us at the Register Office, Civic Centre, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 8QH, stating:

  • the event (for example: birth, death, or marriage),
  • first and last names,
  • place, and
  • date range

you want us to search for.

A General Register Office (GRO) Index reference may help you to narrow down the period that you ask us to search for you, but the GRO Index reference does not help the Register Office in any other way.

Page last updated: 13 October, 2014